Q.What is a hedgehog?

A hedgehog called as a needle mouse, for that, people think they are kind of mouse.
However, they are not mouse. They are kind of the mole.
A hedghog love the dark place, so they closely resembles a mole.

Q.Is it possible for us to touch a hedgehog?

Yes, you can touch them, Don’t worry! they are use to hang out with people.
The needle of a hedgeog is not needle but hair which is stiffened.

Q.How big is a hedgehog?

Our body are different each, but, usually we are about 20cm and 100~250g weight.
We are little bit biger than a hamster. Pleasee hold us gently.

Q.How many kind of a hedgehog?

Do you know that a hedgehog has so many kind and different color?
The full name is called “four fingers hedgehog” (Yotsuyubi- harinezumi)

Salt & Paper needle color is black and white.
Cinnamon needle color is cinnamon color.
Apricot needle color is little bit lite than cinnamon color.
eyes are red.
Albino eyes are red and body is white.
Pied Black and white mottling
Q.Is it possible to breed as a pet?

If you want to breed as a pet, you can purchase them at our shop.
They are so sensitives so make sure that you can them or not.
Please ask our stuff how to manage them.

Point of the breeding
Best place of the breeding

We recommended for cage which size for rabbit cage.
Please prepare a hamster wheel for their exsesise.

Staple food

Please change the taste of food every day.

Temperature control

Best temperature is about 26 degrees and humidity is up to 40%.
Please adjust tempeture and humidity specialy summer and winter.